Covid-19 News

Everyone involved in running HPCI – directors, staff and parent reps – are parents of children or young people with SEND and so have a personal understanding of how challenging a situation the coronavirus epidemic is for our families.

As an organisation we are continuing to work from home where family circumstances allow. We are taking part in virtual meetings with the local authority about the actions they are taking and the communications they are putting together about Covid 19. We are also feeding back to them about the issues and experiences we are hearing about from our networks. Other involvement from before the epidemic is continuing via online meetings especially where the projects are time limited or high priority.

Information – our aim to provide our parent network with regular (but not too frequent) information updates from reliable and recognised sources so as to avoid information overload and increasing concern and worry. You can see the updates we have sent out so far below. We are also updating via our Facebook page (link at top right of the page).

We suggest that you also regularly check HCC’s SEND Local Offer SEND Local Offer where there is all the usual information plus a dedicated page for SEND service updates and resources to help with your children.

These are very unusual and strange times, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out to contact people in similar positions if you need to. There is a danger that families aren’t asking for the support their child needs because they think that dealing with Coronavirus takes priority, and we keep being told we are all in this together. But the impact for families of children with SEND is as always greater than the general population, so please do ask for help if you need it.

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