9th October – Parent Network update

Welcome to HPCI’s second update this week – there is one local update and then a few national ones.

SEND Local Offer updates
Take a look at the SEND Local Offer coronavirus updates page where there is information about Short breaks and accessing multiple bubbles information for parents plus an article about the catch-up funding given to schools by the government and what it can be used for.

EVENTS don’t forget that you can find out about all sorts of events and courses here: Local Offer Events page

Updated finance/benefits information from national charity Contact

1.New £500 Test and Trace Support payment in England for workers on low incomes required to self-isolate

The government has announced a new payment for people in England who are required to self-isolate, who are unable to work from home during their period of self-isolation and who lose money as a result. In order to be entitled, you must have claimed one of a number of welfare benefits. You can read more about financial support during the coronavirus pandemic.

2.Updated benefits information from Contact: DLA, PIP and Universal Credit

Contact have just updated their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) guides to take into account of new rules for Scotland and during coronavirus. Their claiming Universal Credit for young disabled people factsheet has all the info you need if your child is 16. You can also listen to their updated podcasts and webinars or attend one of their virtual Money Matters workshops.

Disabled children and young people entitled to free flu jab this winter                

Winter is coming, and at-risk groups entitled to a free flu vaccination this year include children, carers, people with learning disabilities and adults with long-term health and medical conditions.  All children aged 2-11 are eligible for a flu jab, along with all children aged 2-17 who have a long-term health condition. They can either have their flu jab at school, at community health clinics or at your GP surgery. Find out more.

Should your child be on the GP learning disability register?

If your child has a learning disability then this article on the Downs Syndrome website explains more about what the register is, aims to do and why you should register.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) day 16th October

DLD replaces other terms such as Learning Language Impairment (LLI) and Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and it estimated that there are 2 children/young people affected in every classroom.  Find out more about DLD: – https://www.afasic.org.uk/about-talking/types-of-slcn/what-is-sli/  there is a video to watch too.
There will be also be a live question and answer session with Sandra Capelin at Afasic 10am on the 16th further details of how to take part here: https://www.afasic.org.uk/2020/09/live-question-answer-session-with-sandra-capelin-for-dld-awareness-day/

Parliamentary Education Committee – inquiry into home education

This recently launched inquiry will look at if the current arrangements for home education give enough support for home educated children to access efficient, full-time and suitable education and what further measures may be necessary to make this work.
The committee invites written submissions including those from parents on a range of points.
You can submit evidence until the 6th November 2020.
You can find more details and information here:

Have a good weekend  and look out for more updates next week.