17th June 2020 – update – information items

Four brief information items that may be of interest :

1. Shielding Guidance for children and young people
2. Bereavement information
3. Petition about ‘reasonable endeavours’
4. Appeal for help with research project from mothers of children with ASD and sensory issues.

Keep a look out for our next update which will look at the issues we have been raising with HCC and what parents have told HPCI in our recent survey.

1.Shielding guidance for children and young people.
The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health has produced guidance for Pediatricians and other health professionals on which children and young people should be advised to ‘shield’ during the COVID-19 outbreak in order to protect those at very high risk of severe illness from coming into contact with the virus. It also provides frequently asked questions on how ‘shielding’ applies to children and families.  The advice is there to help clinicians in their discussions with families around shielding in the UK.

Sadly many families will be experiencing bereavement as a result of the coronavirus and for SEND children and young people it can be both difficult for them to understand as well as recognise and cope with their feelings.
In Hertfordshire 3 bereavement guides one for adults, one for children and young people and one for parents and carers which had some input from HPCI and includes a section on additional needs.  You can find the three guides here:

3.Petition to remove the ‘reasonable endeavours’ duty for EHC Plans
Parents whose children and young people have an EHC plan should now be aware that their children’s rights to the provision in their EHC Plan has been reduced to a ‘reasonable endeavour’ duty which we have previously publicised to our parent network.  A petition has been launched asking the Secretary of State for Education to not extend this any further than the end of June. If you are interested in signing then here is the Petition Link

4.Research project asking for input from mothers of children with ASD and sensory issues.
HPCI has been approached by a student from Hertfordshire University about this research project and we have seen the approval given by the the University Ethics committee.
Further details are below and if you are interested in taking part then please contact Sasha directly.