What we do

Parent representatives from HPCI work directly and strategically with the local authority, health providers and commissioners. Evidence shows that this active participation leads to improved service provision, take up and ultimately better outcomes for children and young people.

Members of the Parent Carer Involvement Board have a wide range of views and experiences, across different disabilities and ages. They are closely involved with a number of other parent carer groups and disability organisations across the county.

Board members and the other parent representatives are not there to represent their own personal situations or advocate for their own children. Rather their role is to ensure that the full range of children and young people’s needs are being recognised and provided for in line with national legislation and local plans, through services that are good quality effective and efficient.  HPCI Parent reps do not champion one type of need or disability over another. Parent carers who volunteer as parent representatives will receive training as well as expenses.

What are our parent reps involved with?

Currently there are 36 different work streams and meetings which parent reps from HPCI attend.  The majority of these are in Education where there are currently 10 work streams coming from the SEND strategy and 9 Area Groups as part of the Hertfordshire Structure of DSPL – Delivering Special Provision Locally.

Examples of other work streams include: the 0- 25 Program Board; 0 – 25 SEND Commissioning Programme Groups; All Age Autism Board; Local Offer Stakeholder and Focus groups, as well as The Further Education Provider Network.

There are currently 34 Parent Reps with HPCI.

What is being a Parent Rep all about?

To be an HPCI Parent Rep –

Firstly –  you need to be the parent or carer of a child or young person aged 0 -25 who has SEND (Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities) who lives in or receives services from Hertfordshire County Council or health services.

Secondly  – you want to make a difference and improve services for all children with SEND not just your own child/children.

Thirdly –  have links with other parents of children and young people with SEND.

Finally – be willing to work with others and learn how to make a difference. Alongside being patient as change always take time.

If you are interested in becoming a parent representative please click here to contact us or phone the coordinator on 07840 360245

HCPI has changed its organisational status

In October  HPCI members voted to change our organisational status.
HPCI has become  a CIC (Community Interest Company) a form of ‘not for profit’ organisation

HPCI has kept its current constitution and organisational structure and purpose. Our steering group will remain unpaid for their steering group work. However we will now lodge Annual Accounts and an Annual Report with Companies House.

In addition to this tax and revenue rules require that certain tasks carried out for HPCI must be treated as employment and so there are now 3 very part time members of staff working for HPCI.